Customizing your Wheelchair “Home”

17 Aug

Carry all Bag and the Cane my step daughter Jacquie painted for me

If you are just getting your New Wheelchair or scooter or even if you have had it a while…remember, it is your “home” part of the time and you want to have some things handy. 

I use a huge Vera Bradley bag on the back of my wheelchair, hanging from my head rest.  It has nifty compartments in it. You might be able to use a back pack.   It holds things like:

           An Umbrella and Poncho…mostly to protect the chair rather than me..

           A  Small roll of toilet paper

           Extra medication

           Tools for fixing my wheelchair

           Bandaids, safety pins, a small sewing kit, paper clips, rubber bands, my camera,  batteries

                                                    A notebook and pen

                                                   A sweater

                                                   Sunblock and bug spray

                               USE YOUR IMAGINATION….and lots of Cable Ties!

My Medical Supplier who works on my wheelchair in case anything goes wrong says he wouldn’t dare remove a rubber band, velcro strip or cable tie from my chair!

  •  My house keys, small flashlight and a Swiss Army knife are hanging from a    cable tie under the right arm rest

My cell phone is attached to my left arm rest with a velcro band and a cell phone case that is designed to clip onto a belt.

I have had “S” hooks installed on the back to carry shopping bags.  (more about shopping later.)

I fashioned another “S” hook, hanging by tight cable ties under my R armrest to hold my cup. 

Remember, this is “home” so customize and decorate!   I know that my ideas are not original, but I am hoping that some of my tips will be helpful to “newbies”.

So Now you have had a tour of the outside of my wheelchair.  I will talk next about motorized wheelchairs and the differences in the designs and types.  I have had 4 different Electric Wheelchairs.

 I would love to hear about how some of you have customized your wheelchairs or scooters.


2 Responses to “Customizing your Wheelchair “Home””

  1. lindaonwheels August 19, 2010 at 4:46 pm #

    Thank you! I am glad you like this Blog! I hope that others will pass the link along to friends and family who do not have a disability so that they might better understand what we go through to be “normal.”

    I am planning on starting to write about “regular” electric wheelchairs today. I had my brother and his family over for supper last night and I have to rest up before I can get to writing today. I know that you have traveled a lot and I hope that you will contribute with some of your tips and stories when I get to that subject.

    I would also welcome suggestions for future topics….
    Your Friend,

  2. jazzyroller August 19, 2010 at 3:36 pm #

    Hi Linda,
    This is a great blog!
    I too have owned a number of wheelchairs over the years. currently I own two manual and two power chairs. I have my “in the house” manual chair that never goes outside. My sport chair that goes in and outside and gets pretty beat up. I have an old Jazzy that stays in our van for going shopping and to church. It is a “clean machine”. Then I have “Big Blue” which is a Jazzy 1170 XL that I use for doing yard work and traveling on the Paratransit bus. It is always dirty but it has the power and large wheels to go anywhere. I also have a ton of wheelchair accessories. All for now, and take care…….Chris Hill (Head Administrator for Facebook PPS group).

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