19 Aug

Laundry Cart on wheels…..

I was doing my laundry and I realized that I have a tip that might be helpful to those of you who are using wheelchairs or maybe just aren’t as strong as you were before PPS.

First of all, when front loading washers and dryers came out, my husband and I went on a search for a washer/dryer that was completely accessible from my wheelchair. They were very expensive and there were not very many choices.   Just having a front loader was not enough…the controls had to be on the front, within reach for me while I was in my wheelchair.  Now this may sound simple, but when front loaders first came out, most of them had the controls in the back, just like the top loaders.  Someone told us to look at Sears.  Voila!  Front loaders on pedestals with controls on the front of the washer/dryer….and Sears’ Kenmore brand just happened to be more reasonably priced!  My arms and back Thank You, Sears! 

Another helpful aid that I have been using since even before I started using my wheelchair indoors is my laundry cart.  I found that I could not lift a full run-of-the-mill ordinary plastic laundry basket…..I have no idea where I found this cart, but I have been using the same laundry cart on wheels  for almost 20 years!  It is not deep like the commercial laundry baskets that you find so many of on the Internet.  I push it in front of me to the washer/dryer and fold the clean clothes in my lap and put them in it to transport to the bathroom and bedroom.  I must admit, I have moved more than laundry in this basket on wheels! 

I found one on the Internet and here is a link to the site.  They haven’t gone up much in price since I bought mine about 20 years ago! I highly recommend this cart!


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