NO, I DON’T WANT TO RACE! (some of my Pet Peeves)

22 Aug

People who come up to you  and say: “Do you want to race?” 

In Restaurants:  Waitress to my husband or friend: “Does SHE want anything to drink?”

People who ask you why you are in a wheelchair…you explain to them that it is PPS, and they say “But you LOOK so good!”

“What happened to your foot/leg?”  (don’t they notice the $35,000 wheelchair?)  Yes, people who have a sprained ankle use them all the time.

I had a lady actually pat me on the head in Wal Mart and say, “You are too beautiful to be in a wheelchair.”  Should I be drooling and not be able to sit up?  or not  wear make-up and nice clothes?  Grrrrr..!

When you go into a large Public Bathroom, even if there is only one other person in there, they will ALWAYS be in the Handicap stall!  They had to pass several  “normal” stalls to get to it. It is usually a young person.

People who think that the Cross-Hatched areas beside Handicap Parking are for discarded shopping carts. I have had to go back into the store to get help so I can get my ramp down.

Same Cross-Hatched space beside Handicap Parking space:  a CAR parked in the Cross Hatched space!  Even if you have a Handicapped Placard, it is NOT a parking space! I have to go back in and have it announced for the person to come and move their car….while my ice cream is melting…..I usually follow them to their car, explaining that it is not a parking space just to embarrass them……

Said to me in a mall or while grocery shopping: “I wish I had one of those!”

“It’s so good to see that you are OUT.”  We all know that the Disabled are supposed to stay home and be…well…Disabled.


One Response to “NO, I DON’T WANT TO RACE! (some of my Pet Peeves)”

  1. 4schrocks August 22, 2010 at 7:14 pm #

    Enjoyed reading this Linda. Fun and lighthearted yet honest!!

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