Other Wheelchairs… Recline/Tilt and “Jazzy style”

28 Aug
 I got approved early (less than 5 years)  through Medicare for this upgraded wheelchair.  I was in Heaven!  The first time I went to church and reclined during the sermon, I went to sleep.  I asked my husband why he didn’t wake me up and he said that I looked like I was praying!  I started going to movies again.  Our local Cinema allowed people in wheelchairs, along with a friend,  to get in for FREE!  We went to almost every movie that came out. 

This particular wheelchair only reclined (the back) and the chassis tilted, making it like a recliner that would be in your living room at home…with one exception…my legs didn’t elevate.  I didn’t think this was a problem at the time.

While this wheelchair was great to use when I went out of my house, (I had a wheelchair van…I will discuss Vans in a future post)  it was bulky in the house…I had many scratches and dings in my furniture and walls….

 A recline/tilt has several “speed” settings as well as the controls for recline and tilt.  It takes a while to get used to driving it. Now I am a “Pro”.  I can go backwards as easily as I can go forwards!

I can’t find a picture of this first Recline/Tilt chair, but it was RED! 

 There were so many more doors open to me that had closed because I couldn’t sit up long enough!  I was able to complete a 5 year Bible Study at my church that met for 3 hours every Tuesday morning.  I already knew I was blessed, but I was more blessed to be able to attend studies like this.  I could go out to eat and sit at the table and talk with friends and family…if I got tired, I just reclined. .  I had many custom items like my head rest, and a deep recline gel set cushion (a “Jay” cushion”).  This Recline/Tilt Power Chair cost about $35,000.  It was paid for 100% through Medicare and my Medicare Supplement.



Pride Indoor Chair



Backpack on Small Wheelchair

I was in the shop one day and my Wheelchair Seating Specialist was working on a “Jazzy” style   

chair….good for indoors, I thought!   

This little chair  was very compact.  I took it for a ride.  It was quick, turned easily in its small space and was pretty comfortable.  It was just a seat on wheels, not at all like my recline/tilt.  I negotiated a deal and was able to purchase it to use inside my house. I got a “deal ” on it and only paid $900 because it was a re-conditioned chair that had been traded in.

 Medicare did NOT pay for this wheelchair because they had paid for the Invacare recline/tilt. 

 The charger cord stores in the backpack so I can re-charge while eating out at a restaurant, or wherever I can just plug it in. 




The new wheelchair can rise to the occasion!

(Notice my “Candy Cane” hanging on the back.  Our daughter painted it for me.  She has painted several custom canes for me, and people ALWAYS  compliment them!)

 I had used the Invacare chair for 9 years!  It was still in great shape, but I needed the Elevating Legs because of worsening back problems.  I had no problem getting approved by Medicare for the Permobil.  This chair came with the extra benefit of having an Elevating Seat. (Which Medicare did not pay for).   This Permobil is the chair I use today.  I think I will be using it until it falls apart.  Tomorrow I am going to have my batteries checked.  When Medicare buys a wheelchair for you, they also will buy new batteries, make repairs, etc.  But the wheelchair is yours.  The Permobil was also in the neighborhood of $35,000 (excluding the Elevating seat, which was another $1400).  Medicare and my Supplement paid for this chair. 

My life has improved so much since I got the Permobil.  The Invacare was a “Front Wheel drive” chair (big wheels in the front, little wheels in the back)  and it couldn’t turn around in its’ own space.  My Permobil has 6 wheels. The main wheels are more in the middle of the chair, with small front wheels (which also enable me to climb curbs up to 3 inches high) and 2 rear wheels.  The Permobil almost turns in its own space.  I can use it in the house. 

I still own the Manual Chair (in the case of extreme breakdown and for loaning out) and I also still have the little “Jazzy” style chair (Made by Pride) as well as my Travel Scooter. 

Now you should be beginning to see why my Blog is called Lindaonwheels!

I’ll talk about my experience with Vans and Wheelchair Lifts in a future post.





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