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About Linda

23 Aug


Linda, 1992

I am a 64 year old, very happily married lady with a blended family of 3 beautiful grown daughters (with their impressive husbands) who have 2 children each, a son, his ex and their 2 children, and a step-step son and his wife and 2 children.  We have 10 exceptional grandchildren!

I consider myself a Blessed person!  God has been so good to me and I am fortunate to have had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ since I was a young child!

I try to be a positive person and to be an encouragement to others…although I have physical limitations, I try not to allow myself to be defined by what I cannot do, but rather focus on what a good life I have had and how blessed I am to have such a loving, supportive husband and family!

I feel that can still make a difference to help others in spite of my disability.

My Blog is called “Lindaonwheels” because that was the first screen name that I choose way back in the 80’s when I first started using e-mail.

 (No one else has dared to try to take it!)

I have Post Polio Syndrome.  I had Polio at age 2 1/2 in 1952 and was diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome “officially” in 1986, although I had been experiencing its’ symptoms for about 10 years before …..I now  use a Super-Duper recline/tilt wheelchair part-time.  I also am fortunate to  own an awesome wheelchair accessible van that allows me to have almost complete independence….so my life revolves (pun intended) around my wheels.  I hope that some of what I post will be helpful to those who have just been  diagnosed with PPS…helping to cut through all of the morass of information there is to learn about PPS and still be true to yourself and become an independent handicapped person and live a full, happy life!

 I really feel that by writing this Blog, that I can help others who may have just been diagnosed with PPS or with another similar disability.  Unfortunately, the doctors don’t tell us how to LIVE with the diagnosis that they have just given us.  At first there is a kind of relief…”It” has a NAME!  It was NOT all in my head!  I am NOT “just lazy!”   Then when reality sets in, you start thinking, “What do I do  now?”……In 1986, there wasn’t anyone around to help me…..I had to learn, by trial and error what kind of wheelchairs were out there;  what kind of vehicles; ramps, etc. there were….where do you go to buy them?  

I think I can be of assistance to “newbies”  by sharing my experiences  ….I have been LIVING this since the mid-1980′s.  Instead of sharing one-on-one like I have been doing since the early days of AOL Chat, I think I can reach-and help-many more through the Internet.

There are many subjects to talk about….Some that come to mind right away include:  Are you ready for a motorized Wheelchair?   If so, what kind?;  Buying a Wheelchair accessible van;   Making your home safe and more accessible;  Building a handicapped accessible home;  Pain!;  Guilt because of  not “contributing” like you used to be able to do;  Traveling with a wheelchair;  Breathing problems associated with PPS…….I do not claim to be an expert by any means!  I have no medical degree…….you could think of this site as a sort of  ”users manual”…..These have been my experiences that I will share and you are welcome to come along on my journey of Living with a Disability.