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The “411” on “911”

18 Aug

Everyone with a Medical Condition Should Consider This:

I recently talked to the head of our county’s 911 service. (call them on their non-emergency number.)

He assisted me in getting my Emergency Medical Information connected to my phone number in the case I called 911 and couldn’t tell them what was wrong. He also put information in the system that told the EMT”s how to get into my home if I was locked in and unable to get to the door. (where to find a hidden key). This has happened to me before!

They said that most people don’t know that you can add Medical Information on individuals in your home to your telephone number that shows up when you call 911. Some people’s houses (street and house #) don’t even show up on the new computerized systems. If you have a newer home, your street may not be on the 911 map!

He had me make several practice calls to 911. My street did NOT show up on their computer! They had to call Verizon (who is responsible for getting the streets and house numbers entered into the 911 system in our area) and get my street added to the system. Then we made another phone call to 911 to see if it worked.

After THAT was in place, he took the Medical Information, Doctor’s name and Emergency Contact information. The amount of information is limited to a certain number of characters. I simply told them where my list of diagnoses, drugs, doctors, and vital information was located on my frig.

Now they know NOT to give me O2 without Mechanical Support (Bi-Pap) and not to give me Morphine, Vicodin, Oxycontin, or any other pain medication that lowers your respiration unless I am on a Bi-Pap.

I would strongly recommend that everyone who is handicapped or is prone to fall or might need an ambulance for any reason, to call 911 and set up this information with your county 911…I don’t know if this service is available everywhere….