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Find a Doctor in your Area

16 Aug

There are many Doctors who know about PPS in 2010 due to the re-education of the Medical Students who have graduated Medical School in the 1980’s. Polio had virtually disappeared in the 60’s and 70’s in the U.S…Medical students rarely saw a Polio patient…(sometimes, when I was in a hospital or clinic,  I felt like I was being used as a Medical “teaching tool”)  and when PPS first started to show up in those of us who had “beaten” it, there weren’t many Doctors who recognized it for what it was.  

To get a definitive diagnosis of PPS, you need a through case history and in many cases Doctors such as Neurologists will perform special tests to rule out such diseases as ALS, MS, Fibromyalgia and other diseases or disorders.  Just because you had Polio as a child doesn’t mean you will develop Post Polio Syndrome. 

 In my case, I was diagnosed by a Neurologist who referred me to a Physiatrist.  A Physiatrist is a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, (sometimes shortened to  PMR) .  A Physiatrist has special training in management of neuromuscular diseases and may prescribe Physical Therapy, braces, order wheelchairs or scooters (he will recommend which he thinks would be best for you) and Pain Management, among other things.  Mine also prescribed my Bi-Pap machine when I first developed breathing problems associated with PPS (to be discussed in a future post).  They will become your best friend in managing your PPS. 

You can find a PMR in your area on this site.  Not ALL Board Certified Physiatrists are on this site. This should help you if you cannot find a doctor who is familiar with Post Polio Syndrome. They are sometimes associated with Orthopedic clinics or ReHab Centers.  They are also sometimes Sports Medicine Specialists.

Click on the link in the list on the right of this page to find a map, and hopefully, find a Dr. that is right for you!